Certified Raw Food Chefs

Danielle Arsenault


Danielle Arsenault is the founder of Pachavega living Foods Education. She is a passionate Raw Food Chef and Educator with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education from the University of  Calgary, a Living Foods Lifestyle  Certification from  the Ann Wigmore Institute, a Raw Food Educator  Certificate from the Raw Foundation Culinary Arts Institute in Vancouver, and is a certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She is the author of 5 plant-based cookbooks and has been a professor at Pacific Rim College in Victoria,  Raw Food Chef  at Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua, and TV Show Host of Heal and Ignite Across Canada. Her TEDX Talk, “The Power of Plants”  has over 25,000 views on YouTube. She is also a contributor to many health blogs, as well as Impact magazine.    

LOCATION: Canmore, AB, Canada 

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Heather Hobbs


 Heather is a Raw Food Chef, Yoga Teacher, Holistic  Wellness Coach and Holistic Detox Educator with 18 years experience in  the field of Yoga and Holistic Wellness. She is the owner of Alchemy Yoga and Wellness, a Costa Rica-based retreat and yoga teacher training school.  She is also the co-founder of Live Pure Culinary Institute, a vegan, plant- based culinary institute with courses in Canada, Cape Cod and Costa Rica. Heather has taught retreats and trainings in Bali, Spain, California and Costa Rica and she consults for wellness retreat centers worldwide.  Heather lives in Costa Rica and is an active yoga teacher and runner who fuels her body with gourmet raw cuisine and fruit and veggies from her garden. She loves inspiring healthy living and teaching her students how to make a living doing what they love.  

LOCATION: Nosara, Costa Rica and Cape Cod, USA

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Gloria Annette Williams


Gloria is sole proprietor of beautiful Soothe Downtown Spa, St. John's, NL, Canada. Her mission has been moving toward a cruelty-free business / life balance. As such she participates in ongoing wellness education including environmentally friendly esthetic /spa product  research & development. She is a vegan with conscious connection to nature and all sentient beings. Besides being a student of these gorgeous life gifts & creating in the kitchen, she loves to hike. Graduate of ‘Heal & Ignite” Raw Food Chef Certification; Pachavega, (2017). 'Plant Based Nutrition Certification'; Cornell University, (2017). 

LOCATION: St. John's, Newfoundland

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Jess Simson


From New Zealand, two time World Multisport Champion & 2017 Calgary  CSNN valedictorian. Jess  is a believer in the power of  the mind & its ability to exceed perceived limits. Jess operates  "Stoked Life" specializing in Holistic   Performance & Stress Management Coaching. Drawing from holistic   nutrition, yoga and qigong, Jess supports her clients on their journey   towards achieving one simple yet all encompassing goal, that  is: "be  more awesome". Jess is also  a  Certified Raw Food Chef with an  abundance of  knowledge about food & how to accommodate dietary  restrictions with a passion for tasty food.

 LOCATION: Canmore, AB, Canada 

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Deanna Smith


Deanna lives a whole hearted life on the beautiful North Shore of Vancouver, BC. She is a mom, best friend, trail runner, meditator and loves her cat Dave. Pursuing her passion for whole food she became Advanced Raw Food Chef  with Pachavega Living Foods Education in 2018. She holds certificates in Cannabis Medicine for Herbalists (Lodgepole School of Wholistic Studies, 2018) and Therapeutic Nutrition & Supplementation in Practice (Institute of Holistic Nutrition, 2017). From kraut to vegan cheese, coconut cream to crackers, she finds endless energy in the kitchen. Deanna would love to cater your special event or retreat. 

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC Canada

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Nicole J Hume


Nicole Hume is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a Certified Pachavega Advanced Raw Food Chef.  She has a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Winnipeg.  She also attended the University of Manitoba to study foods and nutrition. Nicole has worked in several medical offices and currently is a Clinic Manager for a general surgeon.  Upon completion of her Health Coach studies and other research, she discovered that many problems can be improved or avoided by making subtle changes to our lifestyle and diet.  She has a lifelong passion for helping others to feel their best.  Growing up, she struggled with weight issues, Asthma, allergies and other health issues.  In the past 4 years, Nicole has been on her own healing journey and has been able to overcome her weight issue, Asthma and allergies are now a thing of the past and her other health issues have disappeared. 

LOCATION: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Josselyn Turner


Josselyn  is Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and graduated from the  Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2017. She is passionate about using the power of whole foods to  create positive changes in her clients well being. She focuses on educating her clients about the power of using whole foods to nourish the body! Josselyn is  also an Advanced Raw Food Chef and graduated from Pachavega’s Living  Food Education in 2018. She loves preparing nourishing whole food meals  and snacks in her everyday life! She truly believes that you are what you eat and that it is important to treat your body  well! Being Nutritional Consultant and a Raw Food Chef 

Josselyn has an  abundance of knowledge to share with her clients and support them every  step of the way through their health journey! She currently works at Matthew Kenney's new restaurant that's recently opened in Edmonton.

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB Canada

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Tricia Green


Tricia Green is a Certified Whole Foods Nutritionist, Raw food Chef through Pachavega Living Foods Education, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is a dedicated Food Activist since starting her own health journey in 2011. In 2015 she founded Holy Kraut, Unpasteurized Gourmet Sauerkraut, Raw Living Foods and Fermentation company. It is hard to find a delicious raw, fermented food today so she was inspired to share it with you.  She is currently completing a Health Coaching certification through the  largest Nutrition school in the world. She offers private health coaching. Specializing in raw foods, raw vegan, gluten free, allergies, healing  the gut, autoimmune, mind body connection, and hollistic whole foods, she currently teaches alternative eating and fermentation classes through her home and privately in your home.  Tricia hopes to open that door and make it easy for you to love whole foods as much as she loves making them.

LOCATION: Strathmore, AB Canada

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Morgan Klettl


Morgan Klettl is 25 years old and has been vegan for almost four years now and she loves everything about it. After high school, she moved to the Rocky Mountains to become more involved in the mountain culture. While growing up, Morgan learned from her aunt who is a certified herbalist and she learned many of the ways to use herbs and energy healing to treat certain conditions.  She has gravitated towards  different holistic healing methods ever since.  She became a Certified Raw Food Chef in 2016 through Pachavega Living Foods Education.  She hopes to share her own knowledge and work at different heath retreats as a raw food chef all over the world. 

 LOCATION:  Canmore, AB, Canada

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Renata Ward


From Rio de Janeiro, Renata grew up by the beach where extra pounds are  unforgivable.The "beach pressure" lead her to chase a healthy lifestyle.  Living in Canada for 10 years, she decided to follow her intuition and  completely change her professional path. Renata is a Raw Food Chef graduated from Pachavega's Living Food  Education in 2018. She is currently completing a holistic nutrition  certificate and working on taking her creations to the Farmer's Market.  Her mission is to teach people that a healthy lifestyle is possible and it is key to keep up with this fast-paced world. Renata is also an artist, mechanical engineer, pilot, and student of Logosophy for over 20 years. 

LOCATION: Kelowna, BC Canada


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Cris Ketch


Cris is a successful entrepreneur and Certified Raw Food Chef. As the former owner and founder BODYNETIX, Cris is a professional fitness trainer with 10+ Years experience in Fitness Training; specializing in fat loss, weight loss and performance. With over 13,000+ hours working with clients of all abilities and 10 + years in the fitness industry and business world, he believes that the only constant is change. Cris is constantly looking for ways to evolve with our ever changing world.  It is his core belief that we must accept change in order to grow and evolve. We also must learn to live sustainably for human kind, the animal world and Mother Earth.  

LOCATION: Canmore Alberta, Canada and Ometepe Nicaragua

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Crystal Bonnet


Crystal Bonnet is a Raw Food Chef, Raw Food Nutritionist and Wellness  Coach in Vancouver, BC. Her passion to lead a cleaner life and help  others led her to complete many courses in raw food and nutrition. A  graduate from PlantLab (formerly Matthew Kenney) and Pure Joy Academy  she has taught chef trainings in Bali, Oregon and runs her own classes  in Vancouver, BC. Also, a member of the International Alliance of  Holistic Therapists she has experience in developing plant-based recipes  for café menus, coaching clients in transitioning to a plant-based  diet, catering Yoga and Pilates retreats, and running a raw chocolate  farmer’s market business. Crystal’s passion is teaching, traveling and  creating in the kitchen. 

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC Canada

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Shannon Tanner


Shannon began her journey to becoming an Advance Raw Food Chef  with Pachavega Living Foods Education through her passion for food and interest in nutrition and aging.  An advocate of  'you are what you eat’, with an educational  background in greenhouse crop production horticulture, Shannon’s interest in how and where food is grown, leads her to seek out sustainable and organic food. Becoming a Raw Food Chef has provided an avenue for Shannon to share her passion for healthy aging, and longevity. She has completed a Natural Health Fundamentals Certificate, is a wife, mother and grandmother, in addition to being a beekeeper and beekeeping consultant. It is possible to be healthy and vibrant at any age, because aging is not a choice, but how we age is. 

LOCATION: Airdrie, AB Canada

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Shelby Brown


Shelby is a wizard in the kitchen and a Certified Raw Food Chef.  She seeks to show how simple (and delicious) it is to eat in a  sustainable and healthy way. She is also the co-founder of GreenHut, a Whole Foods Eatery Food Truck.  With humble beginnings GreenHut Whole Foods Eatery, was created in the  summer of 2014.  Co-Founders, Shelby Brown and Andrea Haughton  recognized a need for fresh and healthy food options but were  disappointed by what was currently available in their community. They registered at the Banff Farmers Market, purchased a juicer and set out to provide a health conscious public with delicious and creative cold pressed juices and smoothies. Through GreenHut, her goal is to help build strong, healthy communities. 

LOCATION: Canmore, AB, Canada

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Bobbie Traut


Bobbie is a certified Pachavega Raw Food and Advanced Raw Food chef and loves to share the healing power of nutritious, plant-based food with family and friends.  Based in Washington DC metro area, Bobbie teaches yoga and pilates on the side at a a local studio and works in the  international development and human rights sector during the day. Bobbie believes that a plant-based, raw diet can be a key to healing the body,  mind and heart as well as provide sustained energy to live an active and fulfilling life.

LOCATION: Washington DC, USA

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Heather Bowen


Heather Bowen is the founder of The Take Home Nutritionist, providing  holistic nutrition consulting and plant based food education, with a  focus on gut health. Following the Dietetics program, Heather completed  her Bachelor of Science Degree in Food, Nutrition and Health from UBC  Vancouver. Heather continued her studies at the Institute for  Integrative Nutrition in NYC where she received her Holistic Nutrition  Consultant and Health Coach designation. Most recently, Heather received  her certificate as an Advanced Raw Food Chef with Live Pure Culinary  Institute. Creating raw, plant based, vegan and gluten free health food  products is a passion of hers and her unique talent can be found  displayed on her Instagram. Heather believes that lifestyle related  illnesses can be prevented and or reversed by fostering a positive  mindset, developing healthy habits and choosing whole foods.

LOCATION: Calgary, AB Canada

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LeeAnn Powers


LeeAnn is a Raw Food Chef and Advanced Raw Food Chef, certified through Live Pure Culinary Institute in Costa Rica. She is also a restaurant owner and is looking to include more healthy menu items to their already successful restaurant in Grand Bend Ontario, Aunt Gussie's.  LeeAnn and Pat Powers  took ownership of Aunt Gussie's in late 2006  bringing the restaurant that was opened in the 50's by LeeAnn's great  grandparents full circle back into the family. Their oldest daughter is  the fifth generation to work at the restaurant. Some staff members have  been with Aunt Gussie's since it opened in 1995. 

LOCATION: Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada

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Karina Christovao

Raw Food Chef, Karina Christovao


Karina  believes in a holistic approach to health: Our physical, emotional, and  spiritual health are all connected with one another. Food is  information and the code that programs  our biology. You can upgrade or downgrade your biological software with  every single bite.  Karina  is a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a  Culinary Coach thru Harvard. She is also certified in Culinary Nutrition  from the Natural Gourmet  Institute in NYC.  Prior, she worked in finance in NYC for 7+ years.  She is from Brazil and lives in Miami where she coaches private clients  to transform and nourish their health in all areas of life. She also  teaches plant based culinary classes and wellness  workshops, and is looking forward to collaborating with others on  wellness projects. 

LOCATION: Miami, Florida, USA

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Valentina Slaviero



Valentina is a Holistic  & Functional Nutritionist from Brazil, Her work and passion has inspired thousands already. She believes in the power of  healing foods and that’s what she brings to her patients, to her work, and to her personal life! She is also a certified Health Coach, and with a holistic view, she can help  people not only by looking at their diets, but also at the eating  habits, lifestyle, work, career,  relationships, self knowledge and social networks.
Valentina is a Certified Raw Chef by Pachavega Living Foods (Costa Rica, 2019). She loves to travel, experience new things, read, laugh, study, cook and eat good and healthy food!  SHe has a large following on social media where she shares tip and healthy recipes daily. She is also open to collaborating professionally in projects, trips, workshops in Brazil and globally around the world.

LOCATION: Sao Paolo, Brazil

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Dr. Diogo Simao


 I am a Physician, with a medical residency in General Surgery,  post-graduate in Nutrology by the Brazilian Association of Nutrology. I also have a  Post-graduate in Sports Medicine by the Federal University of São Paulo  and Post-graduate in Functional  Gastronomy. I hold a specialist title in Sports Medicine by the  Brazilian Society of Exercise Medicine and Sport. 

I now have certification  as a Raw Food Chef from Pachavega Living Foods Education in Costa Rica. With a holistic view on health and healing, I focus on first leading patients to foods as a healing method and then when extreme, we  treat with medicine. I am fortunate to have learned so much from the Pachavega Course and now will be teaching culinary skills classes with my patients.

LOCATION:  Sao Paolo, Brazil  

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Fran Tonello


 Francielli Tonello is a professional  passionate about the pleasures that food provides and has a heart open  to new experiences in the kitchen.

She graduated in Gastronomy from Universidade  Anhembi Morumbi, postgraduate in Functional Gastronomy from  Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, graduated in Nutrition from São Camilo  University, specialized in several areas of gastronomy  and nutrition through national and international courses, such as: Raw  Food & Plant Based Cooking , the Live Pure Culinary School (Costa  Rica) and Plantlab Culinary (California); Certified in Food Therapy and  Culinary Nutrition by the Natural Gourmet Institute  (New York).

Ambassador and creator of the company Fran Tonello Functional Gastronomy, Fran is an  expert in the true healthy food, free  of refined, sugars, lactose and gluten. Her passion is to explore all  food alternatives so that everyone can enjoy  the sensations and benefits that good food provides.

LOCATION:  Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Katie French


 Originally from the US, Katie  divides her time between living in Nicaragua and being a private chef  on super yachts.   Being an athlete, she has completed many EXTERRA  triathlons and loves running the trails in her backyard with her  husband.   Katie  has spent the last three years cooking, experiencing local cuisines and  sailing through the South Pacific on a private yacht.  

Having been  classically trained in Paris, at Le Cordon Bleu and completing the  Advanced Raw Food Chef Certification with Pachavega Living Foods Education, she is  well versed in a variety of cuisines but her true passion is designing  plant-based healthy and nutritious food for her clients.  Katie is looking forward to being a private chef, nutritionist and personal trainer in her home of Nicaragua and around the world. 

LOCATION: Popoyo, Nicaragua

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Louise Aarssee


 Louise Aarssee, lives in the beach village Zandvoort by the sea in the Netherlands.
She is Nlp-Coach and Dialogue facilitator.
When Louise found out that her son had Crohn's disease, and did not get any better, she started to follow her intuition. 

Unconsciously she knew that food was the answer for her son's illness. She became an Advanced Raw Food Chef with Pachavega Living Foods. Louise believes that awareness and education about the importance of a plant-based basis is important for the health of every person. 

She wants people to experience that Raw food is fun, versatile and super delicious. Louise travels a lot and you can always invite her for a cup of coffee and a good conversation. Who knows what we can mean for each other. I'd love to hear your story
Call me: 0031 (0) 630658050

LOCATION: Zandvoort, Holland

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